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Fujian Footwear & Headgear Import & Export Group Corporation was founded in 1984 with a registered capital of RMB115.33 million. It is a collection of trading, manufacture, biotechnology, investment, estate management as one enterprise group, and now it is a first level enterprise of Fujian State-owned Assets Limited.

On the initial stage, we focused on operating shoes exportation, and meanwhile developing shoes manufacture. The company reformed in 2004. During the reformation, the company’s original import and export business and salesmen all transferred to Fujian Footwear & Headgear Import & Export Co., Ltd which is set up after our reformation. No longer operating the business, our main work adjusted to closing, cleaning up and rectifying subordinate enterprises and dealing with the creditor-debtor relationship between Fujian Footwear & Headgear Import & Export Co., Ltd. and us which is caused by the reformation.

With the support of the superior department, our company resumed business from 2006. After the traditional export business peeling off to the reformation new company, our business model changed from the traditional shoes manufacture combined with foreign trade to manufacture and domestic trade as the basis and investment as the focus of development with reposition and years of efforts, and the products involve shoes, garments, furniture, essential oil and daily fast-moving consume goods etc. Our business scale and the economic efficiency increases year by year. And we successfully complete the value preservation and increment operation index every year which is released by the superior department. 

Since being transferred to Fujian State-owned Assets Limited in 2014, our company has actively implemented the spirit of its instructions and closely focused on the development theme of “stable and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative”, continuously optimizing the industrial structure, promoting enterprises transformation and upgrading, so as to gradually build a modern state-owned enterprise with great competitive advantages.

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